Why Seneca


Our Mission

Seneca’s mission is to help children and families through the most difficult times of their lives. We are driven by the fundamental belief that children and families do not themselves fail, but rather are failed by systems unable to meet their complex needs.

Guided by our core agency values of love and compassion, hope and courage, respect, curiosity, joy, equity and justice Seneca refuses to fail the young people and families we serve.

We offer each child and family a profound promise: you will be supported every step of your journey, no matter what challenges you face along the way.

Working Together

There are many ways to become a foster (resource) parent. Seneca is the best option for many for a few reasons.

  • We have deep experience in supporting resource parents and children in foster care
  • We have been working with families in the child welfare system for more than 35 years
  • We work in several counties within California and in multiple states, so we have the resources to do whatever it takes to ensure families are successful.
  • We also have healthy partnerships with the County governments where we work, which is important in supporting families and youth.

Unconditional Care

Unconditional Care is more than a simple sentiment, it’s our service model and core philosophy. It is a commitment to do whatever it takes to support the young people and families we serve.

As a leading innovator in family-focused treatment services for children and families across the fields of education, mental health, permanency and juvenile justice, Seneca is driven by our commitment to Unconditional Care, strengths-based service planning, individualized and trauma-informed care, cultural humility, and interagency collaboration.

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