Joining Seneca’s team of caring and committed foster parents begins with completing the following survey. If you would prefer to speak with someone instead, please feel free to call us during business hours at 1-877-380-5300.

Become a Foster Parent

Foster parent/caregiver options
  • Foster Parents
    Individuals and families who open their homes to a child, teen or a group of siblings. All Seneca Foster Parents receive our comprehensive training and support throughout their foster care service. Foster parents receive a stipend to supplement the cost of caring for foster youth.
  • Enhanced Foster Caregivers
    Individuals and families who care for a child or a sibling set (over the age of ten) for a period of up to six months. These caregivers undergo our most comprehensive training and are provided round the clock staff support because the young people in their care have experienced significant challenges and need some additional support. These caregivers receive a significant stipend to supplement their care and housing needs.
  • Respite Caregivers
    Individuals and families who want to support foster youth but cannot make the long-term commitment. Respite Caregivers step in for foster parents to look after a young person while the foster parent tends to other matters, such as a business trip, caring for a sick family member or just a night out. Respite Caregivers receive the same high-quality training as foster parents but, in some circumstances, don’t have to meet the standard housing requirements as respite care may occur in the child’s home.
  • Enhanced Foster Care
    Enhanced Caregivers are individualsand families who are paid a generousmonthly stipend to care for high-needsyouth in housing provided by Seneca.These caregivers undergo our mostcomprehensive training and areprovided round-the-clock staff support. Young people in these homes haveexperienced significant challenges andneed higher levels of care andsupervision. Caregivers are expected tomake a one-year commitment to theprogram and strive to uphold Seneca'sUnconditional Care philosophy.