About Us

For nearly 35 years, Seneca Family of Agencies has been doing whatever it takes to provide consistent and quality services to young people and their families regardless of their level of need. A nationally recognized nonprofit organization, Seneca sets the bar for its commitment to helping children and families thrive.

Seneca’s Core Values:

  • Every child and family deserves Unconditional Care.
  • Children don’t fail systems; systems fail children.
  • Services should be delivered at times and places where children and families are: in schools, in homes, and in the community, 24/7.
  • Early identification and preventions services can help reduce unnecessary system entries for families struggling with the symptoms of poverty.
  • Children do best when supported to remain with family, and in their own communities, in the least restrictive setting possible.
  • Every aspect of service provision should be trauma-informed, culturally responsive, individualized, and family-led.
  • Children and families should experience a seamless transition between services, including staff that can follow a child as their needs change over time.
  • No child should be rejected or ejected from programs because their needs are too acute.

To learn about all of Seneca’s services please visit SenecaFOA.org.